Eco Friendly Appliance - Sustainability. Reliability. Priority One.
Making Appliances Run Cleaner and Futures Brighter,
for Generations to come.
We repair your appliances well and inexpensively-- your washer, dryer, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.
The prices of new appliances is staggering. More importantly, disposing of a non-working appliance is  devastating to the environment.

Each individual piece represents 100 pounds or more of painted sheet metal, rubber tubing, plastics, electric motors, freon gas, oil, transmission fluid and insulation.  If the appliances are not repaired, they are melted into a toxic mess, or are taking up space rusting in landfills. This allows the release of ozone-damaging gases, mercury, PCBs, and unknown toxic materials, doing great and unnecessary damage to both air and water. 
A much better choice is to repair the appliance you have.  We have repaired appliances for 25 years and have much experience with most types of machines.  Restoring your machine is cheaper for your wallet and better for nature.